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What can we expect for 2016?

Dernière mise à jour : 8 avr.

What can we expect for 2016: a period of purification and transformation, marked by cosmic and collective changes. Prepare to embrace your full potential as we venture into a year of intensity and growth.

We’re entering the Chinese New Year, the year of the monkey of fire. On this occasion I would like to share some insights and information about this year of 2016.

The main theme for this year 2016 is the big cleanse! In numerology this corresponds to a year 9 which is the end of a cycle of 9 years. Let’s try to remember what was happening for us 9 years ago, in 2007. On a personal level, 2007 was probably one of the worst and one of the best years of my life. I went through a dark night of the soul, but I also went through a major awakening and reconnected with our galactic brothers and sisters. What was initiated in 2007 will be completed in 2016, what we started cleansing 9 years ago will be cleansed a little deeper this year purifying all that isn’t cleared yet.

When I connected to the energy of 2016 while meditating I saw an image of a rough diamond trapped in a big rock. For all these years, most of us have given strokes around the rock with a pickaxe trying to excavate this diamond. We went through tough times, little deaths for some; we purified ourselves of everything that weighed us down on our path (by the way if you’re still carrying around heavy bags of stones it is time to put them down once and for all!). This year we are in the polishing phase of the diamond, this diamond represents our inner Light and our highest potential. So for most of us we will be reconnecting and activating our highest potential, our purpose here on Earth. In order to achieve this it is recommended to let ourselves navigate through the rolling of the waves which will help us polishing this inner diamond, as the waves polish the shells on the shore. By staying in the flow and letting go, we allow ourselves to dance with the waves; if we resist them instead we are more likely to feel crushed by their heavy weight. And nothing new under the sun we can yet again expect some big waves in 2016!

It is a great year of change on the collective level too and we will arrive at a pivot point in our History by the fall of 2016. At that period we will finally start seeing concrete changes in our realities, those changes that were announced for the 21st of December 2012 and that we were all waiting for. For those who have been disappointed about the 2012 aftermath, keep in mind that the date of the 21st December 2012 represents an energetic peak. Humanity was caught up in a negative momentum and that date was the peak of that momentum. On that date there was a huge energetic portal, an opening where humanity had the possibility to choose between continuing on a negative track or alter things completely and choose a positive path instead. The positive possibilities depend of the collective consciousness and its will to go through a massive Awakening to its Divine Nature and the acknowledgement and integration of its Unity with the planet and the cosmos.

I will now speak in terms of probabilities based on the actual energy of the collective consciousness. Please bear in mind that nothing is chiseled in stone; we are constantly co-creating our reality. There is a 80% probability that this year (in the fall at the latest) will see a massive market crash occur. It will probably be initiated in China and Greece and will inevitably drag most of the countries in a global economic crisis. Our tax systems will likely be revised and perhaps altered. There is a 60% probability that a large ecological disaster occurs, allowing many countries to unite together to help out and start discussing seriously about ecological solutions. This year there will probably be an “official” announcement (that is in the mainstream media) that life exists elsewhere outside of planet earth (this can be any form of life - no, ships are not going to land just yet!). Nevertheless there is a 90% possibility that we witness a big UFO sighting, similar to the Lights of Phoenix in 1997. This is will happen in order to prepare us to a first probable contact between the years of 2025 and 2033.

All these events will cause us to start concerting each other for the future of our planet; the economical, environmental and political crisis will urge us to create and invent new systems that are more viable and respectful towards human and animal dignity. When we will look back to the fall of 2016 we will remember it as the period in time where radical changes for our planet have been initiated. This global cleansing will undeniably cause souls to leave, those who are not ready to pass through these major vibrational changes with the planet. Some of them have simply completely their mission here on earth. A lot of people will say goodbye this year and it has already begun.

This year is going to be an intense one on a personal and collective level. Many planetary transits in the sign of Virgo will emphasize this theme of purification and healing on a physical, emotional, energetic and mental level. So yes it is time to detox! It is time to do the liver flushes, the colon hydrotherapy, the fasting…All of this might bring up some occasional diseases or discomforts but it is part of the cleansing process. It is time to purify our eating habits too: less animal products, alcohol, caffeine, white flour, sugars. It is time to go to therapy, heal those inner child wounds…So let’s grab our incense, sage smudge sticks and Palo Santo! Let’s not forget to surround ourselves with crystals that help us purify our environment and raise the vibration: crystal quartz, tourmaline, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, moldavite are some that might help. And so we will arrive at the dawn of 2017 like new born babies, ready to live and offer our highest potential; living more in harmony with our dear Mother Earth and its inhabitants. Have a great year!

Sat Nam

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Source of probabilities: Bashar Communications.

What can we expect for 2016: a period of purification and transformation, marked by cosmic and collective changes. Prepare to embrace your full potential as we venture into a year of intensity and growth.

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