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Law of attraction : understanding the obstacles that prevent us from manifesting our dreams.

Everything is vibration, energy in the Universe. Matter is simply energy that has slowed down its vibration producing the illusion of it being static. We perceive the apparent solidity of our world through our physical brain and our five senses. The Consciousness of All that is, Source, is pure Consciousness. This means the origin of all Creation and all manifestation is thought. We are extensions of Source and therefore we create our own realities every day based on our thoughts. The Law of attraction is the physical manifestation of our thoughts into our reality.

We all hold a unique vibrational signature, a unique frequency which is the one of our True selves (Soul/ Higher self). It is always one with us as our spiritual self is never separated from us. In that sense everything we have always wanted to manifest is already here for us. If it’s not it means we prevent it from appearing in our lives. If undesirable things continue to manifest in our lives it is because a part of us can’t let go of them.

External reality is a mirror; it is the perfect reflection of our internal world, of our vibration. Things are manifested in our life in accordance with the thoughts we hold, the emotions we feel and determine the vibration we maitain. When we focus long enough on something it ends up manifesting in our lives. This means if we focus on negative thoughts that induce negative emotions we have more chances to manifest negative things and experiences. On the contrary when we focus on positive thoughts that induce positive emotions we have more chances of manifesting positive events and things in our lives. All the “positive focus” movement arose from this truth – the importance of becoming aware of our negative thoughts and consciously choosing positive ones in order to be happy and have a more fulfilling life.

As everything is vibration in the Universe, it is impossible to experience something that isn’t a vibrational match to our own vibration. This means when we experience an accident, we have attracted it into our lives. When we manifest a break-up, it means that something in our vibration has attracted this break-up, attracting money in abundance means our vibration is a match to abundance. When we attract negative people, like energy vampires for example, it means our vibration has invited them in.

The positive focus movement that has spread across the spiritual community for some years now reveals its limit here. We have started to question the Law of attraction, because even if we were focusing positively we would still attract unwanted scenarios in our lives – loss of dear ones, job loss, financial ruin, conflicts, diseases, break-ups… So it is important to know that we create our own realities in accordance with our thoughts and emotions, but the thing is positive focus isn’t enough to manifest a happy life.

How can that be?

It’s because we forgot about the hidden aspect of the human being – his subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the “hidden creator”, as it contains all that we have denied and suppressed (fears, traumas, wounds, etc.) and it creates our reality more than we are aware of.

For example, we can focus positively towards our pet, which brings us much joy. Even though we are focused positively towards our pet we might hold an unresolved negative imprint in our subconscious mind such as a trauma related to loss. If that is the case we have chances to manifest the loss of our pet even though it helps us focus positively.

Positive focus does work but it doesn’t exempt us on working on reintegrating the parts of ourselves that have been suppressed, denied and therefore fragmented. The Light never disappears, our inner Light never disappears it is simply overshadowed by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is also called our Shadow self because it contains all the parts of ourselves that are hidden and that we don’t want to see. If we want to use the Law of attraction to manifest positive things in our lives, we must work on our shadows, fears and demons if we don’t want them to manifest for us! Unlike a widespread belief, focusing on our shadow for some time will not give more power to it. We have come down here with the pure energy of Source and we arrived in a complete kit. We must progressively pull the black curtain that overshadows our inner Light to see what’s on the other side, in order to let it shine through again.

There are other obstacles that prevent us from manifesting our desires. Some of us have discovered the Law of attraction through the famous best-seller “The Secret”. Unfortunately the formula exposed in this book is incomplete. We have all made boards full of collages with all our desires and dreams, and every day we would walk by looking tirelessly at them thinking: “Why does the Universe take so much time to manifest what I want”? I have just explained the first reason (our subconscious mind, the “hidden creator”).

The second is that we can only manifest what we truly believe to be true. Negative and limiting beliefs, unconscious for the most are a block to manifestation. Our beliefs even though we cannot see them, dictate what we see in our reality. For example, if a person wants to manifest winning the Euromillion jackpot but holds negative beliefs towards money such as: “Rich people are bad” or “I don’t deserve all that money”…well there is no mystery, that person will not manifest winning the Euromillion!

Thirdly, when we wish to manifest something, a desire emerges within ourselves. We set an intention with our thought and this thought will induce an emotion related to that thought. By focusing long enough on that thought and emotion we allow our entire being to vibrate with this desire. This induces a feeling of gratitude within us as if the desired wish is already manifested. This only works on one condition: once we have set our desire, once we have focused on our thought and once we feel the emotion related to it (the emotion is one of the most important part), then we have to let go of all the expectations we have towards our desire! This is the most important part of the formula, the Universe does not respond to expectation. Actually, having expectations to how, where, with whom and in what circumstances it must occur blocks the manifestation. All we have to do is let go of control and have faith that the Universe will bring us what we desire. Most of the time the Universe responds in a total unexpected way so it is crucial to keep our eyes open to all the synchronicities happening around us. More often than not, manifestations appear in our lives in an indirect way. Never as we expect them to and this leads us to start playing around joyfully with the Law of attraction. We also end up understanding that the Universe has much more in store for us than we thought and it always conspires to our highest good!

Law of attraction is the most important law of our Universe, understanding it and learning how to use it helps us find responsibility for what we create in our lives. As ultimately we are God, we become the powerful creators of our lives. Moreover, Law of attraction gives form to what we call the Law of karma. As we learn to master it, we become the magicians that create our own realities and manifest our dreams. Our True selves are naturally abundant, joyful and unconditionally loving. Life is a fairy tale where miracles are the norm; all we have to do is to pull back the black curtain to see what is hidden behind and have proof of this – as we do so we start to see all of this magic appear concretely in our reality and it feels like unwrapping our most beautiful presents.

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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