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Gabrielle Isis Spiritual teacher

I was born in New York in 1983, from an American father and a French mother. I spent much of my childhood and my teenage travelling from country to country. I've lived in New York, Paris, Munich, Prague, Brussels, and I am now based in the South of France.

These numerous travels were of course gratifying, but also the cause of real hardships and heartbreaks. I didn’t know where nor how to ground myself and find a secure environment growing up.

From an early age I had this feeling that I was different, I didn’t fit in. I felt alien on this planet and I observed humans suspiciously, preferring the company of animals and elderly people. When I entered kindergarten, I stayed two months on the doorstep of the class just observing other children as curious animals, not daring to enter. Fortunately my mother had put me in a Montessori school and my teacher didn’t force me to socialize right away. I was a shy and hypersensitive kid who preferred to take refuge in her fantasy world filled with stuffed animals, unicorns and fairies. I have always painted and drawn, I liked to tell stories and as soon as I knew how to write I started creating illustrated books. Yet inside my being sadness and loneliness never left me...

I didn’t know it yet but my soul came to experience a very dense duality on Earth, and I longed for the planets and the light dimensions I had left.

 I now know that my soul is part of the Indigo and Crystal Children generation. They have chosen to incarnate on Earth at this time to help humanity awaken to the New Consciousness. These children come with extrasensory abilities, empathy and hypersensitivity and they are therefore misunderstood by their parents and the social system. Nevertheless, society does a great job at forcing these children to conform. Some of these children are autistic, others are diagnosed with ADHD or depression. Some rebel completely against the normative structures imposed upon them by the school system.

Being myself half Indigo and half Crystal, I felt completely crushed by the school system and my creative spark started to vanish. Art schools completed the task by extinguishing it completely. I genuinely thought that there was a serious problem with me, that I was a mistake and a bad person. I ended up being sort of chronically depressed. My father had severe manic-depression and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Doctors would tell me that I would be experiencing those genetic consequences all my life ...


At the age of twelve I developed a school phobia and started becoming downright suicidal. At the age of twenty four, after a destroying break-up I tried to take my life twice. It was one of the darkest moments of my life, and yet the experience of the "dark night of the soul" led me to my first awakening. I had sometimes experienced during my childhood sparks of this awakening. At specific moments I would go out of body and wondered: Who is this person that is thinking? What am I doing here? Who does this body belong to? I had a glimpse of the eternal Consciousness we all are.


In 2010 and 2011, I traveled twice to Peru, where I discovered Shipibo shamanism and the medicine plants of the Amazon. I became aware of my shadows, I learned to embrace them, love and transmute them. I learned to tame my intense emotions and make them my allies. I reconnected with the unconditional love of Mother Earth and the whole Universe.

For almost ten years I’ve lived multiple awakenings, I've followed different self-help trainings: massage, hypnosis, energy work, transmission of the Sacred Anointing oils of Mary Magdalene...I wanted to become a therapist because my goal was to help others to heal like I was healing. I wanted to help them reconnect to their True Self. Thanks to my healing journey I have created my own therapy entitled "Intuitive emotional therapy" which focusses on inner child healing through emotional and trauma work.

Today I'm beginning to finally feel fulfilled, though I am still on a path of evolution. My extrasensory/psychic abilities are opening more and more, and I wrote my first novel "The Sorcerer's cave" (not translated to English yet). I've also started to paint and draw again.


In November 2015, I received a guidance within a dream where I was told that it was time I became a guide and shared my experiences and knowledge with the greatest number of people. I was told I should start making videos on the internet ... to help others awaken, those who are ready to lift the veil.


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