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My first novel is available online! (French only) English version available soon...

Presentation :


 "The Sorcerer's Cave"


"The Sorcere's Cave" is a novel that guides the reader through Sandra's inner journey.  Sandra is an anxious and insecure young woman of the 21st century . As her life leads her to the darkest abysses of her existence, she is guided to a labyrinthine cave which will take her back to past memories - all the way to the supreme Knowledge... 




I'm an intuitive therapist, artist and author. I write stories since the age of 6. 10 years ago I began a spiritual journey which lead me to explore the facets of light and dark inherent in my human condition, till healing was found. This is what I wish to transmit through this novel which is an initiatory journey. It is nevertheless a pure fiction.


I am currently looking for a translator (French to English) and a publisher, you can contact me here.




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